KEYnetik team has over 10 years of experience with signal processing and MEMS technologies. Our offering includes:

  • Elemental Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Platform independent Software Development Kit (SDK) with Integrated Test Suite
  • Mobile and Life Science Applications
  • Software Development Services

Our unique approach to signal processing combined with our software engineering expertise yields unrivaled results when it comes to performance, cost, flexibility and ease of use.

Motion | Light | Proximity | Touch | Temperature | Pressure | Magnetic


Our Signal Processing Engine (SPE) cross correlates sensory data to remove ambiguities and fuses it with application and operating system events to create intelligent, situation aware applications

Besides commercial offerings we provide a PC based data collection, analysis,and test tools to enable data collection and manipulation for development and demo purposes.

This Test Suite allows the user to capture, edit, store and playback data from a variety of sensors. It supports complex use cases involving multiple algorithms and input data from multiple sensors.

Accelon™: 6 Degrees of FreedomPlane

Accelon™ is a patented KEYnetik technology that uses two or more identically oriented inexpensive and commercially available motion sensors (accelerometers) to create a virtual gyroscope with unique ability to instantly determine the curvature of an orbit/trajectory an object is moving on in space.


Accelon™ senses pitch, yaw and roll rotations like a gyroscope and lateral translations like an accelerometer – all six degrees of freedom – something that neither the gyroscope or accelerometer can do alone.

The concept draws on the same design principle which provided us with a pair of eyes and ears so we can establish direction and distance to a source of light and origin of sound.

Like stereoscopic vision or stereo hearing enhances our perception of reality, Accelon™ dramatically improves detection of motion by using signals from two sensors separated by space.


Our technology offers a variety of benefits including:

  • Modular architecture allows to buy and execute only desired components, resulting in a custom solution at a stock cost
  • Benefit from extensive test data library to deliver reliable and robust solutions without leaving your desk
  • Customer support with senior level resources dedicated to each customer
  • Components can be inserted at the embedded, OS, and application levels, or distributed across all three