Healthcare & Life sciences

Fall Detection, Activity monitoring, Smart Pedometer, & Device placement

mHealth Summit, KeyNetic Tech Demo from mHealth Journal on Vimeo.

Mobile Applications

Our mobile applications will be available on the Ovi Store


Hi-N-Bye is a phone app controlled with hand gestures. It uses sensors in your phone to translate your hand motion and position into simple, intuitive and precise commands.

Just install it and and let it run and you’ll be able to control your phone calls without pressing a button.


-Answer phone calls with a simple pick-up gesture
-End phone calls with a simple hang-up gesture
-Turn loudspeaker ON/OFF with a gesture
-Swap between two calls with a gesture


Rock-N-Scroll translates device motion and position data into user input to enable single-handed, key-less device operation.

Rock-N-Scroll motion processing engine will analyze static (gravity related) forces for orientation and tilting algorithms and dynamic (force related) motion for gestures.

-Screen/Image Rotation
-Tilt-based Progressive scrolling for: Web Browsing, Scrolling through lists (Contacts, Songs, Pictures, etc.), Media player controls
-Game Mode
-Single-handed, menu navigation
-User defined gestures