• Collection of hand gestures for mobile User Interface (UI)
  • Gaming and Scrolling UI control
  • Device Position and orientation
  • Image stabilization
  • Intelligent Pedometer (activity monitoring)
  • Pedestrian Navigation & GPS Dead-Reckoning
  • Device drop, theft detection, power management, and more

Health Running - low rez

Health care & Life sciences

  • Patient activity monitoring
  • Human Fall & Man Down detection with Device drop resolution
  • In-Door Navigation
  • Analysis tools such as: Range of Motion, and Stride analysis
  • Hand-Eye coordination tests

Gaming and Sports


We offer various gaming solutions including Accelon™ – a patented KEYnetik technology that uses two accelerometers to create a virtual gyroscope with unique ability to instantly determine the curvature of an orbit/trajectory an object is moving on in space.

  • Sophisticated swing motions with radius of rotation calculation for baseball, golf, tennis, etc
  • 6 Degrees Of Freedom with radius of rotation for realistic sword play
  • Punch force detection for boxing/fighting games
  • Exercise program with interactive feedback

Automotive & Industrial


We’ve developed convenient tools that enable our customers to easily collect and analyze desired sensory data right on their PC. We’ll also begin to offer COTS solutions for the following scenarios

  • Towing detection and locations
  • GPS Dead-Reckoning
  • Accident & roll over detection with black box features
  • Driving habits analysis such as aggressive or drunk driving
  • Terrestrial vehicle & airplane takeoff detection